Our service

With our many years of experience in the execution of success-oriented orders, we can support you professionally and individually. Your satisfaction is our highest goal.
We are very familiar with all administrative procedures and the extensive legal provisions. In this way we can advise you expertly and personally in all areas and implement your sales mandate purposefully and profitably.

We are happy to serve our customers and partners competently and reliably in the following areas:

  • Selling and brokering real estate

  • First letting and re-letting of real estate

  • Management and management of rental properties

  • Construction management as a general contractor

  • Bautreund

  • financing

    • mortgage financing
    • credit
    • loan
  • Insurance
    • Construction insurance
    • health insurance
    • car insurance
    • life insurance
    • Legal
    • building insurance
    • Personal Liability Insurance

We will gladly make you a customized offer.